Prime Time Call with Brigadier Ritchie


11:30 a.m. EST / 4:30 p.m. GMT

US and Canada: 800-662-6992
International: 917-210-2631
Both use code: 242 5151#

L3 Chats with a Cold War Spy

A British spy during the cold war, based in Potsdam and Berlin will be joining L3’s trip to Germany creating an exclusive behind the scenes experience. He has also agreed to host a call on being a spy during the Cold War.

Join us for a chat with Brigadier C.D.M. Ritchie CBE., a member of BRIXMIS**


Brigadier Ritchie suggests you watch the film Bridge of Spies (or read the book) prior to the call.

Bridge of Spies is available on TV

Sun, 2/4, 10:15 PM – TMC (East) & Mon, 2/5, 1:15 AM – TMC (West)

It is also available on: YouTube | iTunes | Amazon Video | Vudu | Google Play Movie and TV | Showtime

Please join us for this exclusive insight into the Cold War. Whether you’ve decided to travel with L3 to Germany or not, plan to join the call. You’ll find Brigadier Ritchie’s story fascinating.