L3 has a variety of great benefits, see just a few of our benefits below.

L3 Global Health

HealthGlobalAccessCropped You can get the best physicians and the best hospitals for your medical emergency or significant medical diagnostic needs with L3 Health/Global Access.

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Prime Time Calls

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Talks are on specific subjects that last  around 60-minute.  These conference times enable everyone to engage with fellow members who share your passion and compassion in life’s journey.

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L3 Travel Events

L3 Travel Events offer experiences that help us lift our consciousness and rise above the routine of life. These experiences are awe-inspiring, some are even life changing.

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2014Q2newsletter_coverL3 Newsletter

L3’s Newsletters introduce new members and new topics and bring our members’ stories to your inbox and mailbox.

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L3 Enrichment Groups

L3 Week-Ender ORC 014 L3 Enrichment Groups are private, meetings for open discussion of various topics. Current groups include: Couples Enrichment Group and Singles Enrichment Groups.

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L3 Home Exchange

homeExchangeHome Exchange gives you access to some of the world’s most beautiful homes, homes L3 members are willing to share through exchanges or rentals.

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