Another Day, Another Adventure for Tricia and Mike

Here is what L3 Members, Mike and Tricia, just finished.  We have to say that it looks like an amazing adventure and we are so glad to hear all about it.  What do you think L3 Members, should we have this as our next L3 adventure?


We have completed our submarine work and gathered dozens of species, mostly below 500 ft.  That collection is now being prepared for DNA sequencing in the Smithsonian Lab here in Curacao and will be rushed to Washington DC.   It was the most amazing experience.

Last night we left the boat for dinner and I was seated next to the Prime Minister of Curacao, and of course I tried to sell him on the benefits of setting aside protected reef areas.  He seemed interested but also kept explaining the need for development with 12% unemployment here.  The reefs at an island about two hours away are the most beautiful I have seen in the Carib but will start losing animals soon like most places in the Carib.

We also scuba dived with spears, and we got a total of 21 lion fish.  A couple of our team were very experienced spear fishers.   Tricia and I were good at spotting but not that skilled with spears.   The lion fish made darn good sushi.  Note: lion fish are invasive species and are destroying fish populations all over the Carib.  They have no enemies and cannot be caught with a line.  Every affected country encourages their destruction, often giving the spears free to Dive Masters and requesting that they shoot lion fish.

The hurricanes have not affected us since we are very far south (only 40 miles from S. America) yet but it could delay our return home if Miami is affected.

Greetings to all,
Mike and Tricia