Bacteria in your purse?

We recently came across this Health article and thought it was an interesting read you might be interested in. Is there bacteria in your purse? (Probably not a problem for you, Ben Howerton).

Excerpt below, then click over to to read the full article.

Your purse carries more bacteria than the average toilet


POSTED: Wednesday, May 22, 2013, 8:20 AM

Here’s your weekly dose of yuck: Your purse could carry more bacteria than the average toilet seat! Grossed out? I know I am.

According to a recent study conducted by British company Initial Washroom Hygiene, purses – especially their handles – have up 10 times the level of germs found on the average toilet seat. The study found that one in every five purses tested carried enough active bacteria to transmit serious health infections. Leather handbags in particular were found to be the dirtiest because their spongy material is the prefect breeding ground for most bacteria.