Berns fund sustainable “study loop”

Laguna Beach members Michael and Tricia Berns, long-time environmental advocates, recently donated $1,000,000 for the creation of the Berns Environmental Study Loop within Crystal Cove State Park.

A Wall Street Journal article about the donation calls it “The largest educational gift donated to California State Parks and the first gift that creates not only capital improvements but also sustainable funding for an onsite educator.”

According to the Laguna Beach local newspaper, the Stu News Laguna, the study loop will be:

“a half-mile of mini-field stations where visitors can perform valuable and educational ‘citizen science’ endeavors…Whether the visitor is a child on a school field trip or a recreational hiker curious about the natural surroundings, the study loop promises to deliver unique learning experiences and an opportunity to help the Park understand the ecosystem.”

Michael and Tricia are quoted on how important they believe is it that children learn about protecting the environment.

To read the two articles about the project, please visit Stu News Laguna or Wall Street Journal