Bill Masters featured in GreenvilleOnline, a Gannett Company, ran a feature story this week about L3 member Bill Masters’ work with up-and-coming entrepreneurs. In addition to a great photo gallery (be sure to check that out!), the article speaks to Bill’s experience in entrepreneurial forays – including a new company specializing in kayaks – and how he uses this experiences to mentor budding innovators. Read an excerpt below and then click over to GreenvilleOnline for the full story.

Bill Masters turns focus to helping up-and-coming entrepreneurs

The face of 62-year-old Bill Masters bursts into a smitten 16-year-old’s grin when his wife walks into the room.

The pair laugh and joke as he wraps his arm around her shoulders and tucks her into his broad frame, and there’s a palpable warmth that fills the low-ceilinged “man cave,” tucked into a downstairs corner of their Green Valley area home.

“Happiest thing that ever happened to me,” he said. “I’d trade everything for what I’ve got now.”

This scene of domestic bliss might come as a surprise to those who knew Masters in the heyday of his business career, when as the hard-charging founder of Perception Kayaks, he may have made a few enemies.

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