Book Recommendation: Eating on the Wild Side

Recently, Austin members met at the home of Mike and Jenny Lambert for a discussion on Super Foods. For those who attended, or anyone who might be interested on the subject, Kim Smith recommends reading “Eating on the Wild Side” by Jo Robinson. Kim says:

“It is an outstanding book about how to maximize your intake of protective phytonutrients with tips on shopping, selecting, prepping and cooking. It has cutting edge, very well researched information and would  be a great adjunct to the information that we got at the meeting. I am only about 70 pages into the book and I have already been amazed at what I did not know about food.  Here is an example: Cutting or tearing Romaine lettuce a day before eating it doubles it’s antioxidant content. The book is loaded with tips like that. I highly recommend the book for all of us that are trying to eat as healthfully as possible.”

Find it on Amazon or at your local book retailer.