Bragging rights for Vicki Sebastiani

Proud mom Vicki Sebastiani has earned the right to brag – Her son Jon Sebastiani’s beef jerky company, Krave, was recently featured in the Sunday New York Times! We’ve tried his tasty concoctions and can testify that they’re worth bragging over. Congrats to Jon (and Vicki!) on the great press.

Cabernet and Jerky, in the Same Sentence

Photo: Jim Wilson/NEW YORK TIMES

IF you think of beef jerky as a last-resort protein to be bought at a gas station, Jon Sebastiani wants to change your mind.

Mr. Sebastiani, 42, represents the fourth generation of a Sonoma Valley wine family, and he vividly remembers when “60 Minutes” ran a segment in 1991 called “The French Paradox.” In it, Morley Safer reported that consumption of wine actually reduced the chance of heart disease, then a radical assertion.

“At the time, wine was considered just alcohol — it was bad for you,” Mr. Sebastiani says. After the report, wine sales skyrocketed and the entire industry benefited, including his family’s business.

Photo: Jim Wilson/NEW YORK TIMES

From that report, Mr. Sebastiani learned that it’s possible to change attitudes about a product, however resistant people may be at first. Now, two decades later, he is applying that lesson to his new business, Krave Jerky, a Sonoma, Calif.-based company that produces a line of beef, turkey and pork jerkies.

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