Calling Bold Givers

Every month, L3 features stories from Bolder Giving (a nonprofit dedicated to helping people give at their full potential) of extraordinary men and women who have given at least 20%, and often 50% or even 90% of their income (for three years or more), assets, or business profits — and who embody our “risk more, inspire more” qualities. These stories can be found on L3’s Generosity and Giving Page or on Bolder Giving.

Recently, Bolder Giving asked L3 if we have any members who might be willing to share their stories. Bolder Giving says:

“We are all influenced more by what is “normal” among our peers; without even noticing it, we judge what is possible by what we see around us.  Browsing stories of Bold Givers opens our mind and heart to new possibilities.  Who are you curious about? People similar to you? People different from you? Go ahead and explore.”

If you’d be willing to share your experiences, please contact Debbie Johnson or click here to send us email.