Jeffersonian Dinner – Austin, Texas



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Imagine being invited to a dinner in 1819 at Monticello, the elegant Virginia home of Thomas Jefferson—president, scientist, farmer, connoisseur, scholar, and author of the Declaration of Independence.  Around his table, you’d encounter some of the leading spirits of the age—men and women steeped in politics, literature, the arts, the sciences, theology, history, mores, and manners—people that Mr. Jefferson invited because he found them intriguing and delightful to spend a stimulating evening with.  And an evening like this was also a prime source of education both for Mr. Jefferson himself and for the guests around the table, all of whom were engaged citizens, eager to share and debate the varied ideas that would shape the fortunes and spur the development of their rapidly-growing young nation. We’ve turned Jeffersonian Dinners into opportunities to connect people and foment discussions about many different topics.

Some special guests will be two of the founders of L3, Jim and Marilyn Pappas from Oahu, Hawaii. Come to this L3 event and enjoy the discussion.