Fix for on Internet Explorer

Recently, many of you have commented that you visit the L3 site and this keeps popping up:

Has this happened to you? If it has, you are using Internet Explorer. And it’s blocking content on the page. You can do one of three things:

1. Download a different browser. I recommend Firefox or Chrome. You’ll experience less problems in general. Be sure to set it as your default browser.

2. When prompted, click NO. Don’t click yes. You were clicking ‘yes,’ weren’t you? It’s counterintuitive. By clicking ‘yes,’ you’re saying you want block content. This means you won’t see images or the giving interest database. Clicking ‘No’ actually allows those things to go through.

3. If you’re sick of being constantly prompted, you can change your Internet explorer settings. In Internet Explorer, go to Tools –> Internet Options –> Security. There are multiple tabs. Select the ‘Security’ one.
Click on the ‘Custom level button.’ In the section labeled ‘Miscellaneous’ (you’ll have to scroll down) there’s an option that says ‘Display mixed content.’ Right now, the radial for ‘prompt’ is selected. Change that to ‘Enable’ and those pesky pop ups will end.

Hopefully one of these three solutions will help you view the L3 website a little more easily.