Gary Jonas’ take on Google Glasses

D.C. member Gary Jonas tells us what he thinks of his Google Glass experience.

Some of you saw the picture Roz took of me wearing the Google Glass. Here is the story. Google has an “Explorer” program for people who want to try them as part of their beta test. I applied in late December and was accepted last week. It comes with a sunglass insert. If you wear glasses you can order a glass insert with you prescription for another $300. I am returning them for a full refund because there is nothing you can do with this that you can’t do with an iPhone. It is much more user friendly for Android users because some of the apps are only compatible with Android (like the golf app). If you are not a regular gmail and Google+ user it is not that easy to use. So bottom line is I just don’t see how this is useful for most people, particularly for $1500. I must say however that the customer service and packaging was excellent but this is not something most people would want.