Happy 50th Anniversary to the Greens

On June 30, Walter and Lola Green celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in Rancho Santa Fe. Lola writes:

“It was a beautiful night indeed, with 115 friends and family from around the country flying in for our special evening. We decided since so many were flying in from all over, we really wanted to make it special so we brought in the most incredible couple from Los Angeles who have starred on Broadway in many major shows and they showered everyone with their majestic voices, singing our favorite love songs for a spectacular presentation. Then we had hot air balloons flying overhead that truly dazzled everyone, followed by an amazing dinner created by San Diego’s most famous chef, [Jeffrey Strauss], the owner of Pamplemousse Restaurant. It was an evening that brought a great many people to tears and for us, a great deal of joy to make this so memorable and special for those in attendance.”

Cookies for everyone on their way out the door

Congratulations, Walter and Lola, and here’s to many more wonderful years together.