Health and Wellness: Help Wanted

Hi! I’m Charlene Cassidy. I am honored to be the new Chair of L3′s Health & Wellness Committee. Ron Feinstein has passed the torch along to me, and I know I’ve got some pretty big shoes to fill. I plan to build on the marvelous foundation laid down by Ron. Thanks, Ron!

I am searching for L3 members interested in working with me on the Health & Wellness Committee. This volunteer activity will require active involvement, commitment, and some of that very, very precious commodity…..Time.

The sections in need of coordinators, committee members, and consultants include:
1. Wellness & Prevention;
2. Categories of Illness;
3. Treatment Models (to include traditional medicine, alternative medicine, and integrative medicine);
4. Research & Translational Medicine;
5. Ancillary Health Issues (to include medical case management, funding issues, public & private policy, and end-of-life issues).

The goal is to provide L3 members access to the latest information and state of the art services in each of these areas. This goal is ambitious, but L3 is a very special and talented group of people. I am confident that with committed volunteers from our membership we will succeed!

If you are interested in volunteering, or would like more information, please contact me.