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Scott Weaver “It is so comforting to know that there are those hospitals like Hopkins where the depth of experience and knowledge is excellent.  When you have Healthnetwork by your side, you know that you will be able to choose from some of the best options for care.  That type of reassurance brings tremendous peace of mind.”

Paula Manning I will never go without my Healthnetwork GOLD Support again, ever!  It’s such a powerful thing to have.  I was just blown away (by the service).  I hadn’t used it (Healthnetwork) for years but once I did, I will never go without it again!”  


Barry Alpert  “I knew I could not have gotten appointments to see them as fast as Healthnetwork made happen.  With a diagnosis such as I was presented with … every day mattered.  Jillian secured appointments for me within a week.


The 9-Minute Strength Workout, Jordan Metzl, MD recommendations | Hospital for Special Surgery

Good Technique Can Lower Golf Handicap, Prevent Injuries | Houston Methodist

Stress, Alzheimer’s and Aging | Johns Hopkins Hospital

Why You Should Kick the Coffee and Soda Habit | University Hospitals of Cleveland

Saving Your Vision from Glaucoma | Baptist Health South Florida

Home Remedies that May Be Worth a Try | Brigham & Women’s Hospital

Hormone Replacement Therapy May Help Improve Women’s Heart Health, Overall Survival | Cedars- Sinai Medical Center

3 Types of Chest Pain that Won’t Kill You Cleveland Clinic

Scalp Cooling Can Help Some Breast Cancer Patients Retain Hair | NewYork Presbyterian & UCSF Medical Center

Foundation News

Please welcome our newest staff members; each of them bring new and unique skills that make our office stronger.
Megan Frankel 
Leeanne Jereb
Office Manager
Jennifer Donnellan
Medical Coordinator
Amanda Bise
Cincinnati Program Coordinator

 Dr. Locke’s Prescription for a Better Life
Sugar can be as addicting as Heroin or Cocaine, yet it is added to many foods we consume daily.  Dr. Locke will shed some light on this sweet topic below:

Sugar:  Natural vs. Added

Sugar Hidden in Your Meals

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