Help Susan Lubin in the Pink Well Challenge

Today is Susan Lubin’s birthday and as a tribute to her we’re going to give her what she wants most for her birthday:  Votes for the Seton Fund – Seton Breast Cancer Center as a part of the Pink Well Challenge.  The Pink Well Challenge will donate $50,000 to the organization that receives the most votes by May 15, and Susan’s beloved Breast Cancer Center project is a finalist in this competition.  In fact, THIS week the Seton Breast Cancer Center is being highlighted by Pink Well – and THIS Friday, March 30th, every vote will count TEN TIMES.

So please, wish Susan a Happy Birthday by voting for her. Here’s what you do:

1. Go to and Click “VOTE NOW”

2. Scroll to The Seton Fund – Seton Breast Cancer Center and Click “Sign in to vote” (if you have a few minutes, watch the wonderful video – if not, just vote for it!)

3. You will be asked to enter your email address, as this is how they track votes – you may only vote one time per day per email address. A message will pop up almost instantly in your email inbox with a link taking you directly back to the Pinkwell site. This time when you scroll down to the Seton Breast Cancer Center, click “Submit Vote”

**Hint: If you save that email, you can pull it up each day from now until May 15 and vote again and again. Please be sure to take the time to vote today in honor of Susan’s birthday and then again on Friday when every vote counts 10 times!

This new center will raise the bar on breast cancer care available in our community and voting is a way that everyone can contribute to a cause that is very meaningful, so please take a few minutes to show your support!