In case you forgot…

Our last Women’s Getaway was a complete riot. With gorgeous hikes, informative sessions and hysterical moments, it was an event not to be missed. The 2012 Women’s Getaway promises more of the same. And there’s still time to register for this estrogen-fueled fun fest, held September 19-22 in Richmond, Virginia. Sign up today!

One highlight  was that teams of L3 women were  challenged to create a song to the chorus of “Home on the Range.” Here’s what they came up with:

Red Team 
Here, here in the garden
Where the goddesses and princesses play
When often is heard, a story absurd
And our mantras are chanted all day.

Light Blue Team
Sex, sex on the range
Where the L3 ladies play
Where seldom is heard a screaming word
Yet the gals are happy all day.

Navy Team

Home, home on the range
Where the camels are kissing all day
Where the girls of L3, have camaraderie
And their hearts are not stressful or grey.

Royal Blue Team 
Oh give me a break, for heaven’s sake
It’s raining outside and I’m wet
Our camera won’t work, and I feel like a jerk
And I haven’t had my one wine yet.

Turquoise Team
Time, time with the girls
We work hard, learn and then play
Where the camels are kissing and the husbands are missing
And our hearts are so healthy today.