What Members Are Saying

Technology Assistance

I need a new thingy to plug into my whatchamacallit. Should I have a VPN on my computer? If so, which one is the best? With It’s Done, I sent an email and the tech specialist confirmed we needed a VPN and sent recommendations for the top three with pricing and download installation instructions. –Al Nagy

Travel Arrangements

You think it will only take 15 minutes to book a flight online, but two hours later you’re still looking at options.

With It’s Done, we tell them the days we could travel and they send us options. Because they know the type of seat we prefer, our comfort level with layover times, and our willingness to adjust for the best price, they weed out the flights we’re not interested in and only send what we should consider. They’ll also check the flights for several weeks for the best fares.  Once they make the reservation, we receive an itinerary with all our travel information in one place. –Linda Benge

Accounts Management

Keeping track of all my accounts is a nuisance.  With It’s Done, every business and personal transaction gets posted to multiple Excel or QuickBooks accounts and reconciled monthly with my bank statements. Then, I receive categorized income/expense reports, which we review for corrections or clarifications. It’s Done also works with my accountant to create readable tax filing data. –Russ Smith

I get busy and lose track of my bill-paying schedule. With it’s Done, all my bills are sent to either the It’s Done PO Box or the It’s Done Bill Pay email address. On the 10th and 20th of each month my bills are paid out of my It’s Done checking account. I receive a bills paid statement at the end of each month. –Nan Guslander

It’s Done Testimonials