L3 Concierge

L3’s NEW Concierge Program

Ask for a referral or guidance. Find tickets or doctors.
L3’s Concierge Program connects members so they can support one another in a quick and easy way.

Here’s how it works

Make a request or offer by emailing it to concierge@l3.org
Include your contact information and a brief description of your request or offer.

For example:

  • We must cancel our reservations for Iceland and would like to re-sell our trip for 75% of the original cost. Anyone interested?
    • Your Name, email and cell phone
  • We’re planning to be in New York City next week.  Anyone care to join is for dinner while we’re there?
    • Your Name, email and cell phone
  • Has anyone had personal experience with a great oncologist?
    • Your Name, email and cell phone

Within 24 hours, your request or offer will be emailed to the membership.