Megan Denault studies Globalization

Charlie Denault recently wrote: “It seems that since L3 is an organization that values family, philanthropy,  and has a culture of making the world a better place, there might be members of L3 who may find our daughter’s recent blog of her field study for her Master’s degree in Globalization interesting, and who may be able to share their experiences with her, or point her towards others who may be able to guide her along her chosen path.”

Charlie and Katherine’s daughter, Megan graduated from Brown University in 2007 and spent the following year working at a school in Beijing. She then traveled extensively through Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and Australia.  Most recently, she has been working on her Master’s in Globalization at University College in London.  Her studies are now complete and she is finishing her thesis.

Her thesis focuses on the cultural impact of western travel in developing countries.  While she did her field work she wrote a blog.  The links are below.

She is looking for comments, insights, and shared experiences from people who may have traveled under like kind circumstances both in the same area or similar developing nations.  She can be reached at:

After she finalizes her Master’s in September, she will look for work back in Southeast Asia, preferably in Cambodia, as she has a fondness for the people and country.  She wants to apply her knowledge to help companies, non-profits and the government (local as well as foreign) bring development to the region in an ethical nature.

If  people either in the L3 family find this interesting or may have insights that Megan may find useful please, please contact her directly.