Nan Guslander’s whirlwind summer 1

Nan writes:

“I’ve had a very exciting summer with the birth of my son and daughter-in-law’s second son Julian Whitmore Preston, born June 27, 2011.”

“Then, my daughter, Hilary Preston, was married to a wonderful man, Joseph D. Grillo, in my Saratoga Springs garden on September 10, 2011. The bride and groom are home in Brooklyn after a truly wonderful wedding and an Italian honeymoon.”

“In October, both Whit and Hilary participated with me in the communications seminar for members and their adult children. All three of us found it rewarding and found it opened up some new ways for us to communicate adult to adult.”

One thought on “Nan Guslander’s whirlwind summer

  • Bobbie garcia

    Hello old friend!
    So glad to see and hear of your good works. Congrats to your children….and you GRANDMA!

    I remember our soccer days when you were an Irvine resident and smile about those days past.

    I think of you time to time,

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