Ned Powell joins Defense Business Board

Recently, Ned Powell (D.C.) reached out to share a bit of good news – as of July 11, he is officially a member of the Defense Business Board.

From Ned: “This is a special advisory board to the Secretary of Defense and comprises 25 Business Leaders.  The Board’s function is to advise the senior leadership of the Department of Defense on issues relating to management.  There are two other senior advisory boards in the Pentagon, The Defense Policy Board, comprised of former Secretaries of State and Secretaries of Defense; and the Defense Science Board, comprising about 100 of the top scientists in the country.  It is a voluntary position, with a six-year term.  We will meet four times a year in D.C. and work on specific projects as they arise for the Secretary of Defense and senior leadership of the DoD.”

Congratulations, Ned, and best of luck in your new endeavor.