Peter Thomas Wins 2010 International Caring Award

Just the other day we received a piece of good news about one of L3’s founders, Peter Thomas – he will be honored this month with the 2010 International Caring Award, presented the Caring Institute. The Board of Trustees and previous Caring Award winners select the new Award winners based on criteria that includes length of service, scope and impact of work, challenges overcome and imagination and innovation. Congratulations to Peter on this well-deserved recognition.

Full press release follows:

Author and social entrepreneur Peter Thomas was awarded the 2010 International Caring Award and will be inducted into the Caring Hall of Fame on October 5, in Dallas, TX along with fellow recipient former First Lady Laura Bush.

Thomas has always been committed to act on what he believes – first you learn, then you earn, then you return.  “I was taught no matter what your circumstance, you have something to give to others. I now have the ability to give financially, but what I teach is there is always something of value you can give and money is not always the answer,” Thomas says. He credits this passion to serve to his mother, who instilled in him strong values and a need to think beyond himself from an early age.

The Caring Institute was established in 1985 with Mother Teresa in mind — the ultimate example of giving to others. The institute honors those who live by her example through doing good works and demonstrating selfless behavior.  Other notables recipients of the Caring Award include the late John Wooden and last year’s winner, Colin Powell.  Thomas heartedly supports their mission and is honored and humbled that he is being recognized for his efforts for doing something he loves.  “My award only re-enforces my desire and commitment to continuing to give to others that I learned so many years ago from my mum.”

As a successful serial entrepreneur turned social entrepreneur, Peter didn’t always have an easy road. He lost millions in 1982 with the first real estate crash and in 2000, personal tragedy struck with the suicide of his only son Todd, at age 32.  Not sure how to move on, Peter turned to one of his mentors and his words, “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort…but where he stands in times of challenge and controversy.” It was this year that Peter turned his efforts to honoring the life of his son by founding The Todd Thomas Foundation to help raise awareness around mental illness and support research into effective treatments.  He then went on to develop the Todd Thomas Institute for Values-Based Leadership, and in 2002, he galvanized his method of values-based goal setting and shared it with others through LifePilot – a British Columbia based non-profit organization that provides programs that empower and teach people from all walks of life to live in alignment with their values.

His most recent endeavor is in conjunction with the launch of his newest book, Be Great – The Five Foundations to an Extraordinary Life. He has embarked on a 10-City Be Great America Book Tour beginning in Phoenix with proceeds from book sales and speaking engagements to benefit the local chapters of Boys & Girls Club. His book is being used by Childhelp, The Alfredo Molina Foundation and The Bonnie Addario Lung Foundation as an incentive/gift to donors to raise additional funds for their organization.

“I love sharing what I’ve learned from my journey in my new book. . . it’s important for me to re-enforce that we always need to be grateful for what we have, always pursue our inner greatness and always share with others be it knowledge, time or monies. I am delighted that I am at a place in my life that I can do all three,” explains Thomas

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Peter H. Thomas is one of the leading real estate developers and lenders of his time in North America and is best known as founder of Century 21 Real-Estate Canada Ltd., Samoth Capital Corporation (known as Sterling Centrecorp Inc.), and the development of the Four Seasons Resort in Arizona.  He is the Founder and Chairman of LifePilot and The Todd Thomas Institute for Values-Based Leadership at Royal Roads University in BC, Canada, Chairman Emeritus of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) and one of the founders/Board of Directors of L3, a global network of leaders, actualizing their passions, living enriched lives and making the world a better place.