Philip and Donna Berber launch Emergency Relief for Ethiopia

Here in Austin, it’s been one hot summer. Every day we look at the sky and curse the lack of clouds.

But if we think it’s bad here, it’s nothing compared to the extreme conditions that thousands of people are experiencing in East Africa.  According to the Guardian, just over 12 million people in Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia are in danger as a two year drought has increased the price of food beyond what most families can afford. A famine has been declared in Somalia and many people are fleeing their homes in search of food, water and medical care.

Austin L3 members Philip and Donna Berber, founders of Glimmer of Hope, joined with other nonprofits recently to launch a campaign for emergency relief in Ethiopia.  Philip writes: “When people, particularly children, are collapsing and dying because there is no food and water, you cannot just turn the page, and turn a blind eye. This is a harsh reality that is not going away overnight.”

The Austin American-Statesman recently featured an article that explains Philip and Donna’s mission and what is being done to help the suffering in Africa. According to the article: “The organization is raising $500,000 to bring food, clean water and other necessities to the drought-stricken area. So far, it’s raised about $150,000, including $100,000 of its own money. Another $50,000 will be matched by a private donor.” (Read the full article)

To learn more about the Berber’s campaign and how you can get involved, Philip and Donna have three suggestions:

  1. Get informed. Visit Glimmer’s new blog on our website which will provide updates, and post news and reports, on what is happening on the ground and in the field in Ethiopia. And the region.
  2. Raise Your Voice. Shout it out. Use your @Twitter or @Facebook to let others know about the Horn of Africa crisis. Things are changing daily. Keep up with these efforts by ‘liking’ Glimmer on Facebook and following @aglimmerofhope on Twitter.
  3. Donate to the cause. And double your contribution. We already have a donor who has offered to match the next $50,000 we raise. So the next $50,000 will become $100,000 to the campaign.