Policy Change

Recently, we have taken a second look at our policy regarding potential L3 members and upcoming events. In order to help expose candidates to the full L3 experience, it is now possible to bring candidates to retreats, purposeful travel trips and/or weekenders. Certain conditions do apply, so please check the full policy listed below.

With this recent change, we ask that you consider your non-member friends and think about whether they might be interested in attending an event and joining L3. The upcoming spring retreat in Austin, Texas, is the perfect time! For the Austin retreat only, the non-member price will be the same as the member price. If you have additional questions about bringing a candidate, please contact Monique Maley. Hope to see you and your friends in Austin!

Policy:  Inviting Candidates to L3 Events*

Prior to Invitation to Event:

  • Candidate must show genuine interest in joining L3.
  • One of the Candidate’s sponsors must attend the event with the candidate.
  • A completed application must be submitted to the membership committee.
  • Candidate must be approved for invitation to the event by the membership committee.

Upon Invitation to the Event:

  • Candidates will pay the non-member price.
  • Candidates are eligible for member hotel discount.
  • Payment must be received prior to travel.
  • Candidate may attend only one event prior to becoming a member. (This does not include local gatherings).
  • Event Cancellation Policy applies to candidates.

* Event is defined as any user pay member event including retreats, purposeful travel trips and weekenders.