Recommended Reading: Everybody Wants your Money by David W. Latko


A street-smart guide by a trusted expert that exposes how we make shocking money mistakes, often involving the people we trust the most, and explains how we can prevent or undo those missteps.

In Everybody Wants Your Money, David W. Latko uses straight talk, a sense of humor, and vivid human stories from the trenches of real life, to illuminate the potentially catastrophic fiscal missteps that Americans make in the course of their lives. He shows readers a sensible path to success and financial security, carefully documented with solid facts. As Latko emphasizes throughout the book, most of the money-related lessons we have been taught since childhood simply are wrong. Attempting to apply such misinformation to our personal financial practices, virtually ensures failure.

Latko advises readers on the common errors people make in selecting and entrusting a financial advisor, and explains how to make an informed choice where you stay in control. He brings to light the mistakes many retirees make in giving their adult children the keys to their financial kingdom -and offers innovative, low-risk strategies for protecting, and passing on, our lifetime’s wealth.

 “Real world, based-on-actual-experience insight and advice on protecting and growing your money.”

Steve Forbes

“ Leave it to David Latko to discover the common sense in building cents.”

Neil Cavuto, Anchor, Fox News Channel

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