Take the Wellness Challenge

In Asheville we debuted the new L3 Health Gateway page – your top source for information, news and resources to add healthy years to your life.

To kick off the L3 Wellness Project, we’re issuing you a challenge. Starting October 21st, we challenge all L3 members to participate in our Gene Smart-based health challenge. For five weeks, you should visit this site daily to find the Gene Smart menu for that day and submit your progress in the competition. There are three simple steps:

1. Enter your weight loss. We will not reveal how much you weigh, but rather what percentage of your starting weight you have lost. The winner will be the one who loses the highest percentage.

2. Track how many steps you’ve taken with a pedometer. The winner will be the person who takes the most steps – simple as that.

3. Participate in wellness tasks to earn bonus points. This checklist has activities and tasks you can complete to help build healthy habits and gain a few extra points in the overall contest.

After you’ve submitted your information, check the leaderboard to see how your progress stacks up against your fellow members. Winners from Step 1 (Weight loss) and Step 2 (The step challenge) will each have $250 donated to the charity of their choice. The overall leader (Step 1, plus Step 2, plus bonus points) will win $750 to be donated to the charity of their choice.

Also on the site, you will find information about the Gene Smart diet, including daily menus, exercise suggestions and resources to help you build your shopping lists.

Good luck, and may the best member win!

*You may join the challenge at any time. You do not have to start Oct. 21.
**You may win more than one prize. Theoretically, someone could win all three awards and earn $1250 for the charity of their choice.