The Gospel of Wealth by Andrew Carnegie

gospelWealthThis classic breakthrough essay by Andrew Carnegie about the responsibilities of those of great means to use their wealth for the good of society first appeared in the North American Review in 1898.

John D. Rockefeller said this book inspired him. A previous reviewer said he read that it inspired Bill Gates too. It is no coincidence that Rockefeller, Gates, and Carnegie were the three greatest philanthropists in American history. These men have contributed more to America than 10,000 average people could. The following are just some of the contributions of the above three men: Carnegie Mellon, U of Chicago, Spellman College, Rockefeller University, medical advancements, public libraries, medical aid, art donations to museums, etc. They could have been like J. Paul Getty and hoarded the money, but they chose (or choose) to be great men.

“The book talks about the responsibilities of wealthy people. Wealthy people have the opportunity to help people who don’t have much opportunity and Carnegie writes about the responsibility wealthy people have to them.”

M. Nowacki

This book is about 1/4″ thick and is an essay written by Andrew Carnegie in June 1889. It’s an interesting perpective on what very wealthy people should do with their money to improve society. He doesn’t believe in handing over the cash when you die to your children but rather spending it before you die on free libraries, parks, etc. to improve life for the common man.”

Sean Carnes

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