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blog00 April 2016

Bluestone to Head New Parker Cancer Immunotherapy Institute

Lanier lab researcher

The Parker Foundation with a $250 million grant has launched the Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy, a collaboration among more than 40 labs and 300 researchers from the nation’s leading cancer centers. Among the six centers is UC San Francisco, and UCSF’s Jeff Bluestone, PhD, will serve as the institute’s CEO and president. Read more

UCSF Schools Again Top Nation in NIH Research Funding

Jennifer Grandis

For the third year running, UC San Francisco’s four schools have topped the nation in federal biomedical research funding, according the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Meet the researchers behind the grants who are working to advance scientific discovery and push toward better treatments and cures for patients. Read more

Scientists Find Molecular Link Between Zika and Microcephaly

Zika organoid

Strengthening the link between Zika virus and microcephaly, scientists at UC San Francisco have discovered that a protein the virus uses to infect skin cells and cause a rash is present also in stem cells of the developing human brain and retina. Understanding the mechanism of that protein, a receptor that sits on the cell surface and can operate as an entryway for viruses, could lead to drugs that block Zika infection. Read more

UN Special Envoy on TB: UCSF Professor Eric Goosby

Eric Goosby
Eric Goosby

In 2015, the UN Secretary General named Eric Goosby, MD, UN Special Envoy on Tuberculosis. Goosby, professor of medicine and director of Global Health Delivery and Diplomacy in Global Health Sciences at UCSF, sat down to talk about his role, and how UCSF and Global Health Sciences support his work, in recognition of World TB Day. Read more

UCSF Saddened by Loss of Andy Grove (1936-2016)

Andy Grove
Andy Grove

The UC San Francisco community mourns the passing of Andrew Grove, PhD, a Silicon Valley pioneer who applied his drive for innovation to advancements in health care and the treatment of cancer and Parkinson’s disease. He helped lead fundraising efforts that proved integral to establishing the UCSF Mission Bay campus. Read more

Video: Mark Ryder Shows How to Bring Magic to the Classroom

Students in Mark Ryder's class
Students in Mark Ryder’s class

Periodontal disease is no fun, but that doesn’t mean learning about it can’t be. For more than 35 years, Mark Ryder, DMD, a professor in the School of Dentistry’s Department of Orofacial Sciences, has been devoted to engaging his students during long lectures. His trick is performing magic routines to illustrate complex scientific concepts. Read more