The L3 Vision

The L3 Vision

A unique organization of men and women, with proven leadership stature, who are engaged in diverse activities that add purpose and lasting reward to the rest of their lives.

L3 Chairman Emeritus Warren Rustand delivered this keynote speech at a past L3 Spring Retreat in Austin, Texas.

L3 Mission Statement

  • To find, engage and enroll members of like mind, purpose and accomplishment in L3.
  • To encourage the examination of our goals for what we could/should be doing with the rest of our life.
  • To provide inspiration and support for individual and group attainment of those goals.
  • To create synergistic opportunity for those who are committed to related goals.
  • To support member generosity towards family and community.
  • To provide a fun and creative learning environment.
  • To support the development of insight on issues for which our members are passionate.

L3 is for the Best Years of All…

L3 members have arrived by differing paths at a similar life moment. We call it “Prime Time,” because L3 members have reached the prime of life, and they have the opportunity to use these years to redefine their purpose, enrich their own lives and their relationships with friends, family and community.

L3 is about driving this thing we call life with a philosophy and strategies that make “Prime Time” more than we ever thought it could be. The Prime Time journey encourages L3 members to immerse themselves in life in new and different ways. They are encouraged to challenge who they are as human beings, because the mindset of just easing to the tape at the end of the race doesn’t make sense. L3 supports this point of view by

  • Creating the environment that encourages and supports meaningful and enduring relationships
  • Planning unique events designed for fun, learning and personal growth
  • Collaborating and supporting each other as we give back to our communities
  • Encouraging the discovery of new worlds – intellectually, culturally and spiritually