Travel Experiences:
The Heart of Connecting Members

● L3 offers five amazing trips each year, which provide exclusive programming you can’t buy from a tour company. We call them purposeful travel because they are designed to help members connect on a deeper level, discover different cultures, and educate us on a wide range of topics while including philanthropic efforts.
● By employing and working with inspiring nonprofits as part of our travel, we expose members to fascinating examples of what others are doing and direct our dollars to worthy organizations. Because contributions are built into registration fees, members are never solicited for gifts.

Valuable Membership Benefits

Medical Concierge Services  for access to the finest care, if you or a loved one has a need.  Enrollment in these services begins with your paid dues.
● Virtual Forums link members of similar age, experience, and passions for private conversations that establish trust and intimacy.
●  Expert Calls and discussions with world-class experts who keep you informed on new developments. 
●  Peer-to-Peer Callslike L3’s Virtual Book Club or our wine tasting calls give members a chance to have relaxed topic-driven conversations.

Add-on Services

 It’s Done Personal Administrative Services

Our trusted and proven professionals provide services from travel arrangements to bill paying at a very reasonable fee.    

● Technology Assistance
● Travel Concierge
● Bill Pay
● Home & Second Home Management

All you have to do is email or text and…It’s Done 

Membership Discounts

Virtual Doctor Service through Healthiest You provides access to a physician 24.7. This type of service is only available through employers, but now you can access it through your L3 membership. Reviews from members have been excellent. Colds, flu, rashes, just to name a few, can be treated over the phone and pharmacy discounts can be as high as 80%.  At just $100 per family, per year. it’s a valuable add-on to your membership.

Medical Transport Coverage –  L3 members receive a 45% discount through our agreement with MASA medical transport coverage for emergency or critical care transportation anywhere.

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