Founding Members

Ichak and Nurit Adizes
David and Suzanne Arch
David and Janelle Barker
Danny and Talia Bejarano
Bob and Linda Buford
Colin and Lyn Butt
John and Mary Carrington
Jorge and Toni Colon-Nevares
Herb and Nancy Conley
Mark and Lori Engle
Ron and Deborah Feinstein
Waddy (dec. 2018) and Connie Garrett
Bobby and Kay Gregory
Mel and Delia Grodner
Dan Gross
Clifford and Susan Gundle
Gary (dec. 2014) and Rosalyn Jonas
Richard and Patty Kent
Jim and Mary Kozlowski
Tim and Joan Litle
PapaDoug Manchester
Greg and Mari Marchbanks
Bob and Becky McLennan
Tom and Lynn Meredith
David and Bonnie Milenthal
Nathan and Rebecca Milikowski
Michael and Inna O’Brian
Jim and Marilyn Pappas
John Pfeffer
Tony and Penny Raphaely
Bill and Julia Reagan
Mike and Jean Regan
Paul Robshaw and Linda Benge
Tillo and Beby Rodriguez-Garrido
Eddie Safady
Denny Sanford
Tom and Anna Bain Salter
Mark and Paula Solomon
Paul and Susan Summers
Michael and Diane Tang
Jack and Janet Teich
Peter and Rita Thomas
Joel and Kathy Tranmer
Bill and Jennifer Voss
Bruce and Beth White

 Sustaining Members

Michael and Tricia Berns
David and Suzanne Booth
Jack and Phyllis Bridwell
Jamie and Phyllis Browning
Colin and Lyn Butt
John and Charlene Cassidy
Paul and Patte Comstock
Jim and Janet Dicke
Spencer Douglass
Rick and Lori Fernandes
Ken and Kendall Gladish
Sandy and Lisa Gottesman
Nan Guslander
Roy and Gabriele Halstead
Alejandro and Rosa Laura Junco
Lisa Kasling Harris
Dick and Nora Lewis
Tim and Joan Litle
Rod Lubeznik and Susan Goodman
Craig and Susan Lubin
Murray and Carol McCann
Tem and Maggie McElroy
Frank (mar. 2022) and Marlo Rees
Paul Robshaw and Linda Benge
Sam and Karen Smith
Russ and Gail Smith
Mark and Carolyn Snyder
Stanley and Elizabeth Star
Verinder and Leia Syal
Charles and Cindy Vogl
Mike Sanyour and Laurada Byers