L3 COVID Protocols Policy

L3 COVID Protocols Policy

L3’s COVID protocols have proven successful and it is prudent for us to continue to practice them to help keep us safe. The Board of Directors reviews the policy prior to every L3 trip and has made some adjustments to the policy. Please read through the protocols below.


All travelers need to be fully vaccinated and boosted as recommended by the CDC and send a copy of their VAX Card to Tammy prior to arrival.

On September 1, The CDC recommended all eligible Americans (ages 12 and above) get an updated omicron-targeting booster shot to bolster defenses against serious illness or death during a potential fall and/or winter rise in COVID cases. Pfizer and Moderna reformulated boosters target omicron-specific BA.4, and BA.5 variants.


Members or candidates who have a medical condition that prohibits them from receiving the vaccines will now be permitted to travel with L3. They must send written authorization from a physician and sign a waiver prior to travel.


Travelers must test negative no more than three days prior to arrival. At-home test results are acceptable.